Like most other churches, The North Texas Church of Freethought is sustained through the voluntary donations freely given by our Members and friends. We are not a club, and we do not have dues, since Membership in our Church does not depend on whether or to what extent a Member offers their financial support. We simply ask that Members consider whether they think our community offers something worthwhile to them and to others in our area, and if so, that they help us with their financial support to whatever degree they think appropriate.

Remember, since we are a church, all donations made to the NTCOF are tax-deductible!

We are a 100% volunteer organization, with no paid staff and (as yet) no building of our own. Therefore, every cent of donations received for our Church goes directly back into running and growing the Church, with no one 'getting rich' from our unique approach to Freethought activism. Envelopes are provided for donations for those who wish to, but we do not pass a 'collection plate' or otherwise intimidate people into donating. In fact, we encourage you to think carefully about what NTCOF means to you and to what degree you should support the Church, and perhaps even to take the donation envelope home, and mail it back if you decide to donate.

How To Donate to NTCOF
You can donate any amount, from $0.01 to $2,000.00, to NTCOF, instantly, securely, right now over the Internet using Paypal. PayPal is the secure and easy way to send real money through the Internet. There are no signup fees, and your transactions are totally secure with PayPal's strong encryption systems. Please check out the "Donate" button below!

By Check or Money Order by Mail
To donate directly by check or money order, simply mail your donation to NTCOF, 1001 N Waldrop Drive #815, Arlington, TX 76012. For your convenience, pre-addressed donation envelopes are provided at every Sunday Service.