Bill Nye - Race or not

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Bill Nye - Race or not

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"The takeaway message here, as Jablonski points out, is that there is no such thing as different races of humans." [Bill, toward the end of chapter 32 of Undeniable.]

Bill completely looses me with his conclusions about race. He just spent the whole chapter "proving" that there are differences and that evolution explains those differences! He confuses policy / morality with science?
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Re: Bill Nye - Race or not

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Last year's Sept service considered the subject of race:

Yes, clearly, how much melanin is in the skin and most other things - probably more than we'd like to think! - are determined by genetics. But there are no "race genes" and people and population groups do not differ from one another enough to justify the idea of race or subspecies in humans. Race just has no biological validity in humans. We had a "lab" at the September 2015 church service where we found that we all had MANY genetic differences including ability to taste PTC (phenylthiocarbamide). The idea that an obvious/visible difference like the degree of melanin in the skin is the most important difference between people makes no sense. The sad fact is that this idea - that skin color is more important than eye color or ability to curl one's tongue or zillions of other traits - is simply a legacy of the institution of slavery in the USA that was conveniently color-coded. Think of how different things would be if melanin afforded UV protection but did not absorb in the visible spectrum like the active substances in sunscreen products.

BTW we showed two great videos at the September 2015 NTCOF service (see link above). The Jablonski video is here:

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