Monthly First Sunday Service March 6, 2016: MENTAL HEALTH

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Monthly First Sunday Service March 6, 2016: MENTAL HEALTH

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Our service on March 6th featured Fritha Robinson, LPC, who spoke on the subject of mental health issues.

We learned, among many other things, that the relationship between religion and mental health is complex. In this connection, the natural world and natural beauty have an important beneficial effect on our mental health. For example, church attendance is lower when the weather is good and in areas with available and accessible parks and coastlines. Even people asked to take a walk showed more elevation of mood after taking a route through green spaces as compared to busy streets and storefronts.

There are many myths about mental health, especially the falsehood that creative genius and innovation are associated with poor mental health.

A number of strategies based on such findings and others can be employed to help us stay mentally healthy and happy. They involve setting aside time for relaxation and especially physical activity, social interaction, and doing things that allow us to express ourselves and bring a sense of accomplishment.

When mental health interventions are needed, a number of reasonable and effective methods are available. Ms. Robertson also talked about some that are unhelpful, ridiculous and potentially harmful. These include approaches such as "Primal Scream."
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