June 5th 2016 service

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June 5th 2016 service

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We had a great service yesterday on IGNORANCE. We began with this video:


It's a very good synopsis of how Freethinkers view life and its meaning.

We had a MOMENT OF SCIENCE considering the work of scientists like Benjamin Libet and, recently, that of Yale researchers Bloom and Bear that bears on the subject of "free will" and consciousness. We considered that we probably should NOT think of ourselves as only what goes on in our conscious awareness but, as Sigmund Freud urged, to consider that each of us is more like an iceberg, with a lot of what we are submerged in our unconscious. Just like many of the things we know and the skills we have acquired and then use hardly without thinking of them, all these things are a part of us even though they may not be in our immediate consciousness.

The subject of IGNORANCE turns out to be much larger than what we actually know. Most engaging is to think about what we don't know that we don't know. That is, what there must be to discover that would be the equivalent of DNA and modern genetics to people of just a few hundreds of years ago. And yet the ancient Greeks had the maxim "Know Thyself" - compare it to any of the modern slogans! - which was carved into the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. We talked about the limited resources and opportunities for people today to learn to know themselves better. [and I could not then remember the name of the company - Johnson O'Connor - that does aptitude testing as an aid to helping people find their place in life - check them out at www.jocrf.org !]

Our June service was a lot of fun and there was time for discussion before the hour+ was up and we adjourned to Jasons Deli for more fellowship.
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