October 1st First Sunday Monthly Service on Overcoming Fear

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October 1st First Sunday Monthly Service on Overcoming Fear

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Our October 1st service featured Licensed Professional Counselor Fritha Robinson who has addressed us before on mental health issues. In October she gave a fascinating presentation on "Overcoming Fear." Ms. Robinson talked about common fears that people have and especially about what the mental health sciences know about how these fears affect us. Firstly, fear serves a protective function. Early humans that did not fear and run away from come things did not survive to be our direct ancestors. Fear is unpleasant for the same reason that damage to our bodies is painful: to prompt us to remove ourselves from the danger or source of injury. Fear gives rise to the physiological "fight or flight" response to facilitate fast action. Unfortunately, fear and this physiological response prevent us from rationally deliberating on the best course of action. Fear leads to panic and panic leads to rash behavior that often has tragic consequences.

Ms. Robinson talked about various accidents, for example, in which the loss of life was greater than it had to be because people did not behave responsibly. She contrasted the air travel industry with the cruise ship industry, the first of which - at least for US carriers - has robust prevention and training for best practices to be followed in case of emergency, whereas the latter does not do nearly as well. She talked about meeting the challenges of our own fears in similar ways: to imagine our worst fears coming true and coming up with plans for what would be best to do in those circumstances. Our fears can be lessened, she said, if we confront them head-on using our rational faculties. Thinking about our fears in this way can make them less frightful. She especially recommended writing down our fears and making lists of ways of responding to them

Ms. Robinson took many questions on this subject, responding by citing a number of facts and interesting research findings about fear and how to meet its challenges.

Fritha Robinson has an independent counseling practice in Burleson. She is especially interested in counseling children and adults who have been abused as well as parents and families that need help functioning better.

NEXT MONTH we plan to talk about WHAT RELIGION IS FOR, as in, why do we have it, what purpose(s) it serves, whether and in what sense people "need" it and so on - it should be a fascinating program!
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