Cancer and Alcohol

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Cancer and Alcohol

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At today's (12/3/17) NTCOF luncheon there was discussion about a new study than perhaps could be interpreted that any level of alcohol consumption may cause cancer.

Initial reports seemed to not put the study in perspective, i.e., that some cancers may be reduced by alcohol, alcohol may be beneficial in other areas such as heart disease, and that we may choose risks of greater magnitude if there are perceived benefits.

This article attempts to put the new study in perspective. ... earch.html
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Re: Cancer and Alcohol

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Yes, it's VERY difficult to do studies that give more than suggestive results. Look at how long the tobacco industry got away with pretending that smoking does not cause cancer. With alcohol, unlike tobacco and the hundreds of things in tobacco smoke, there is some alcohol being produced in our bodies all the time. Bottom line is probably 1) don't drink alcohol in an effort to get health benefits, 2) don't be afraid that having some alcohol - or having had alcohol in the past - is going to give you cancer, 3) moderation in all things as the ancient Greeks knew, and 4) reduce overall health risks instead of focusing on this or that risk in isolation. Fruits and veggies are good, exercise is good, maintaining healthy weight - or juet getting closer ot a healthy weight - is good, and keep in mind that the #1 cause of death is cardiovascular: heart attacks and stroke. Of course, we're all going to die of something.

OTOH, believers should have no concerns since they assert that people are really immortal, it's just a matter of "where you will go when you die."
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