Great article in the UK's Financial Times

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Great article in the UK's Financial Times

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>> >> Atheism in America

By Julian Baggini. Photography by Jason Andrew and Brandon Thibodeaux

Godlessness is the last big taboo in the US, where non-believers face discrimination and isolation
Point, Texas (pop. 792) is not the easiest place for a single lesbian to raise her child. But neither her sexuality nor her unwed parenthood are enough to make Renee Johnson an American conservative’s worst nightmare. As she explained to me when I met her at Rains County Library, “I’d rather have a big ‘L’ or ‘lesbian’ written across my shirt than a big ‘A’ or ‘atheist’, because people are going to handle it better." ETC <<
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Re: Great article in the UK's Financial Times

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Wonderful article. I can relate to several things mentioned.
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