The Big Sick

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The Big Sick

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The Big Sick was engrossing, entertaining, recommended.

I did feel a bit let down that the movie did not really address the issues raised: arranged marriage, religion, family shunning. The religion plot did not get much past a statement that Kumail was not practicing. Though of course at some point the attempted marriage arrangements would not have been welcomed due to Kumail's love for Emily, he never really explained why he rejected the presented beautiful women without specific cause. I think the closest he came to identifying a reason was rhetorically questioning his parents about why they even came to America if they wanted him to remain Pakistani. But one could assume that the presented women were as American as Kumail so that rings hollow to me.
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Re: The Big Sick

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Interesting film. The most unrealistic thing, though, was the guy signing a consent form for his ex-girlfriend to get medical care when he is no relation to her. That just doesn't happen.
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