A Moment of Science

Drawing Inspiration From The Natural World

These are items from our services that we call "A MOMENT OF SCIENCE." Yes, we know it appears to be a play on words that some use to sneak prayer in wherever they can. But there's more to it than that. As we know, religion was really the first effort to make sense of anything — of everything in fact. And this is why, as soon as the scientific approach began to be developed and applied, it found itself at odds with supernaturalism-based religion. It is a struggle that continues today. It has been fought in the courts over such issues as, for example, the teaching of "scientific Creationism" or "intelligent design." But really, almost all the modern controversies over "religious freedom" are of the same character. They are battles over a category mistake that supernaturalists make, who fail to appreciate the fundamental difference between the objective world that we all share and the subjective world of inner experience.

Freethinkers exult in the astonishing progress that scientific thinking about the objective world has produced. It is not just that science has given rise to amazing technologies with benefits our ancestors could not have dreamed of. There is an awe and a joy that comes from a scientific understanding of this world that we all live in. Even our methods of learning about it — some impressive, some clever, and even those that we stumble upon by chance in ways we never expected — are themselves fascinating. Most of all, the ideals of science, the curiosity, the humility, the willingness to reassess and go in a different direction when necessary, all exemplify the best of what humans are capable of.

We Freethinkers see science as setting an example that can be followed in attempting to make sense of our subjective worlds of experience, which is what real religion is as we see it. We cannot make a science out of our inner consciousness, of course. But we can borrow some of the general insights discovered by science and try to apply the same attitudes and approaches in our subjective human experience that have proven so fruitful in the world of objective reality. This is an important part of what our Moment of Science is about.

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