Upcoming Service

Our September 3rd service was a remembrance of our dear friend Paul Meyers who died 8/20/2017. And of the experiences of several of us that traveled to the ?path of totality? of the total solar eclipse that happened the next day, August 21st. More about the service is here.

NEXT MONTH's SERVICE is October 1st of 2017. We will then have a guest speaker, Licensed Professional Counselor Fritha Robinson, who will speak on "Overcoming Fear." We may think that we are not fearful of anything these days but it is not hard to find a multitude of worries, personal, family, national and global, that disturb our peace of mind. Even Ghandi once said: "The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is really fear." And fear, in turn, comes from our insecurities, some of which we quite rightly feel. How ought we to deal with these feelings? For they do profoundly affect us and can affect others in very dysfunctional and harmful ways as well. Come to the October service and learn about this subject and other things. Enjoy the company of others who share your same basic values of devotion to facts and reason!

And here are some photos of the August 21st 2017 eclipse:

Totality! (from Glendo State Park, Wyoming)

During totality, sunset all around; from Glendo State Park, Wyoming

Traffic south to Colorado out of Wyoming after the eclipse! It is said that the population of Wyoming doubled or tripled during the event!

Have kids? Bring them too as we offer free childcare and "Sunday School" which is aimed at helping our younger Freethinkers cope with the challenges of growing up by learning to ask questions instead of just being spoon-fed "the answers." If they're too young for that- and we have had folks bring infants! - we'll look after and entertain them. We want them to have fun too! Children of all ages need to learn that Freethinking is exciting, important, and absolutely "normal." In fact, Freethought is extraordinary!