Upcoming Service

Our November 5th service began with another version of "what we are all about" as Freethinkers and a Church of Freethought. There are so many ways of explaining it!

We then enjoyed an absolutely fascinating Moment of Science (TM) put together by David Collins. This concerned the mind-boggling detection of gravitational waves emanating from a distant collision of two neutron stars. They are so distant that it happened back in the Cretaceous Era before there were people to wonder about anything. And, neutron stars are densely-packed neutrons that make them, in essence, city-sized atomic nuclei so dense that a teaspoon-full of their substance weighs a billion tons! It's thought that events such as this collision of neutron stars is what has produced all the very heavy elements in the universe. Including those such as gold here on earth, it is a story far stranger — and more exciting — than any offered by supernaturalism. And yet we can comfortably believe it because of the evidence.

Our featured subject of "What is Religion For?" considered the role that supernaturalism plays in our modern society and how confused and confusing even the subject of what religion IS is. We were informed by the findings this year by the Pew organization that a majority of Americans now say that belief in "God" is not necessary for morality and were heartened to learn that even more believers say this in 2017 as compared to in 2011. We looked at additional things that religion is claimed to be "for" and then asked what it was that religion was "for" that, without which, it could not be "for" other things, much as the mouth must be "for" eating before it can be "for" anything else such as speaking, singing, whistling and so on.

More about the November 2017 service is here. And check also the bulletin for November here — where among other things you will learn the birthday of science!

NEXT MONTH's SERVICE is December 3rd. We plan then to consider the Christmas holidays because, it seems to us, "Something is Mything." What are the stories that have gone into the Winter Holiday themes and how much of the claimed "reason for the season" is fact and how much fiction? It is certainly a time of year that is affected and structured by myth more than almost any other! This is a fascinating subject that in appealing to our core humanity connects us to our ancestors across the centuries and millennia. Join us for the December service and learn about this and other things. Enjoy the company of others who share your same basic values of devotion to facts and reason!

Have kids? Bring them too as we offer free childcare and "Sunday School" aimed at helping our younger Freethinkers cope with the challenges of growing up by learning to ask questions instead of just being spoon-fed "the answers." If they're too young for that - and we have had folks bring infants! - we'll look after and entertain them too. We want them to have fun! Children of all ages need to learn that Freethinking is exciting, important, and absolutely "normal." In fact, Freethought is extraordinary!