Upcoming Service

NTCOF held its June service on the 4th. We considered some weighty philosophical subjects relating to yet another line of attack on facts and reason by supernaturalisms, this one called "The Argument From Reason." This idea was developed by the famous 20th Century Christian apologist C.S. Lewis and is basically that if the supernatural does not exist then we ourselves as well as the world around us and other people are "only" machines that behave in a mindless, nonpurposive way. And, yet, our conscious experience is of having a mind, of thinking and behaving rationally (we hope! And we know that's often not true!) and of having intentions and purposes. How can that be if the suopernatural does not exist?

As part of our exploration we watched this video:

The whole question of material/matter that the objective world consists of versus the personal subjective experience of consciousness is a nut that has never and may never be cracked. But the fact that we cannot bridge this gap does not mean that it is one that "God" must be shoved into. Our wonder and awe and puzzlement about even such a thing as this is not alleviated by positing the supernatural. "The Argument From Reason" combines a number of philosophical conundrums — possibly unanswerable questions — that have occupied the most intelligent and thoughtful people for centuries. But it by no means offers any support to the idea that the supernatural, much less deities, exist. After exploring these issues we then watched this video ...

... and noted all — or at least many — of the deceptive and confused appeals to abandon facts and reason that are swept into "The Argument From Reason," perhaps the next approach that will be taken as "Intelligent Design" Creatonism continues to fail.

More about the June 2017 service and other past services HERE in our Forum.

Next month's service will be on July 2nd. Two days before the July 4th "Happy Birthday to America," we'll take the opportunity to consider the subject of Religious Liberty. What is it exactly and how, out of an historical tradition of torturing and burning those who rejected religious orthodoxy, did it come to be? Do we really need it anyway if all religion is is a mass of crazy superstitions and irrational ideas and practices? How is it really any different than plain old "Liberty?" We'll be talking about some other things as well, maybe a Moment of Science, for example. It will be fun! As we have been and plan to for the rest of 2017, we will meet at the Comfort Inn DFW Airport North.. The service starts at 10:30 sharp but come early as most of us do for coffee (and usually snacks — you can bring some!) and conversation.

Have kids? Bring them too as we offer free childcare and "Sunday School" which is aimed at helping our younger Freethinkers cope with the challenges of growing up by learning to ask questions instead of just being spoon-fed "the answers." If they're too young for that- and we have had folks bring infants! - we'll look after and entertain them. We want them to have fun too! Children of all ages need to learn that Freethinking is exciting, important, and absolutely "normal." In fact, Freethought is extraordinary!