Childcare and youth options during our services.

Kids ChristmasOur secular youth program is geared for all ages of children, from toddlers to teens. Our youth Director engages children in free-play, constructive arts, games and books during the Freethought Service. Children may bring an item to share with others.

Child care is offered at all of our services. For young children, we offer a Freethought Sunday School program, with the same intent as the main services, but at an age-appropriate level. Youngsters may learn about the world of nature, works of art and technology, geography, current events, and so forth, as well as about how to do the right thing, find happiness and get along in a world where facts and reason are too often ignored. Children also learn critical thinking skills and how they can be used to understand scientific concepts as well as many elements of the popular culture. They learn how a careful attention to facts and reason can be applied in their everyday lives to solve everyday problems, including how to get along with their friends and classmates who may be believers. Most importantly, they learn that they are not "religious nothings" but Freethinkers with an intellectual heritage as old as our kind. We also may involve our younger members in the musical portions of our regular church services and in other church-sponsored activities such as bike rides and camping trips. Like the rest of us, they enjoy being around and interacting with others who share their sense of life and values.